The Lötschental is the largest Valley on the northern side of the Rhône Valley in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It is located in the Berner Alps; the river Lonza running along the entire length of the Valley from the source within the Langgletscher.


The picturesque Valley extends over about 27 km from the Lötschenlücke (3178 m) at the top of the Langgletscher to the mouth of the Valley at Steg/Gampel (630 m). It is surrounded by 3000 m high mountains, including the Bietschhorn (3934 m), the Hockenhorn (3293 m), the Wilerhorn (3307 m) and the Petersgrat (3205 m). The Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area is the richest glacier- region in the Swiss Alps and was named by decision of UNESCO world natural heritage on 13 December 2001, along with the southern and Eastern parts of the Lötschental.

The main villages of the Lötschental are Wiler and Kippel, with 538 and 383 inhabitants respectively. Other villages in the Valley include Ferden and Blatten.  All in all, the Valley has about 1500 inhabitants.


The Valley calls itself (rightfully) ' Das Tal der Täler ', the Valley of the valleys.